Callin' All Aliens
release date:

June 01, 2009


Recorded at La Factoría Musical (Cornellá de Llobregat) by Dani Ventura. Produced by Xavo Espinoza. Photography by Ismael Tato. Artwork by Marcos Mesa.

Callin’ All Aliens

  • My nicest try
  • What now?
  • What I have become
  • Backpacker's song
  • Just keep quiet
  • Through different eyes
  • Let yourself go
  • The price of your heart
  • Partner in crime
  • There all the time
  • Water always finds a way

Words and Music by Xavo Espinoza (originally in Spanish). Translation by Hel Marco: "Déjate llevar" ("Let yourself go"); "El precio de tu corazón" ("The price of your heart"); "Cómplice híbrido" ("Partner in crime").
Words and Music by Xavo Espinoza and Hel Marco: "My nicest try"; "What now?"; "What I have become"; "Backpacker's song"; "Just keep quiet"; "Through different eyes". Full Ownership transferred to Hel Marco.
Words and Music by Hel Marco: "There all the time".
Words and Music by Hel Marco and Carlo Lambertini: "Water always finds a way".