Blue Aliens’ Club – 10 years of life and musical experience all around Europe.
A path that allowed us to connect with all sorts of people in all sorts of places through the music – many of whom we are lucky enough to still call friends…

Hard work? Yes – but creating the rhythms and lyrics that allowed us to share common experiences were a labor of love!
The titles of our songs speak for themselves, as does the music: ranging from rock to blues to pop, mixing jazz-inspired riffs with straight-up funk, soul-touching blues and intense crossovers along the way, the band’s individual influences blended together and became a new kind of energy.
“Making it” was never the goal. We measure our success in having been able to touch such a broad spectrum of different personalities from different backgrounds.

So in essence, we made it – big time!

Xavo, Mark & Julien




BAC would like to thank all band members, past and present, that managed to put up with Xavo through the years.  Among these we would like to highlight the following: Hel Marco, Rafa Ortin, Mark Russell, Julien Potereau, and Carlo Lambertini. Special thanks to Marcos Mesa, Ismael Tato, Vincenzo de Romita, Viktor Marosvary, and Leila Cusack for their unconditional support on photography and artwork. Thanks to the following for helping us to mould our sound: G&L guitars, Fender basses, Mesa Boogies, Markbass amps, and every overdrive-box maker on the planet (the list of guitar stomp boxes is too long to list here). And of course, thanks to our families and friends, who consistently showed up at every gig to hear the same sets over and over again… God bless you all!!!